Monday, November 30, 2009

Giving Thanks and What-not

It has been awhile, huh? I have been slacking! I would have loved to have posted over the Thanksgiving holiday, however, I was at my parent's house in the way far out suburbs of Chicago...and they have dial-up. Dial-up! It is like dying a slow painful death just trying to even get to a website, then like doing it all over again once you actually get a site to open up. So...a delay. But, I am here now.

So much to be thankful for this year. The obvious? My family. My beautiful, wonderful, funny, crazy, miraculous family. That including my precious baby girl who was five years in the making. That including my strong and silly husband. That including my perfect big-little cooky dog. Love. Love them all. Love them all so so much. Ahhhhh....

What is new? Finnley was baptized over the holiday. We were honored and blessed to be able to have her baptized in the church where Matt and I were married by the pastor who married us. It was special. Our dear friends Karen and Dave were able to attend the event and serve as Finnley's God parents. We couldn't be luckier to have them be Finn's other set of "parents". She is a loved little girl. It was also great to be able to have a lot of family and other friends in attendance. Thanks to all who helped us celebrate that special day.

What else is new? Our friends Jen and Troy came out from Philly to go to the Bears vs. Eagles game in Chicago with us. What a blast! So happy that they could join us and that they could also be a part of Finn's special weekend.

What else is new? Well, in the world of Finn:
she is rolling over. sometimes. seven times to be exact.
she sits up with assistance. holds that head up strong and proud.
she really does a great baby pushup during tummy time.
she has started to grab objects and pull them to her mouth / play with them.
she has giggled. not often. not consistently. but, it is the cutest damn thing!
she scoots. on her back. pushing with her feet. sometimes in a circle.
she loves to be naked.
she loves to have her diaper changed. see above.
she is still tiny, yet mighty (11.4 pounds)
she rolls from her back onto her side...and sits there. she likes her side.
she sleeps through the night. every night. GOOD GIRL!
she still has reflux. she still hates to puke. we still hate it, too. poor baby.

We are so looking forward to this Christmas. This first Christmas with our baby girl. It will be a grand time, to be certain. She and her "brother" Batman can't wait to show off their special holiday photo, too. Oh, the fun those two have!

Hope you all had a grand Thanksgiving and are enjoying your time leading up to Christmas / whatever holiday that you might celebrate. Come back for more photos throughout the holiday season....there are sure to be plenty!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to our First Baby!

Happy Birthday, Batman. You are six years old today, on this Friday the 13th of November, 2009. You were our first baby, and we love you dearly. You have grown in our hearts every year that you have been with us. You have brought us such joy and so many laughs. Here is to you, buddy! You are tops!

Love - Mommy and Daddy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mostly Pictures

Sorry for not having a ton to say, but I am sick. Blah. Sick. Blah. Temperature for three days and counting. Sinus issues. Coughing stuff up. Headache. Tired. You know. Blah.

Matt and I just enjoyed a fabulous getaway to NYC for the weekend. We were there Saturday and Saturday night. My sister in law Kim was kind enough to come out and spend that time with Finnley. Both really enjoyed it, I believe! NYC was a lot of fun. Well, outside of me winding up sick on Sunday morning. Matt and I walked around all day on Saturday and then went out for a great dinner on Saturday night. Loved just spending couple time together.

Finnley is growing and thriving. She has rolled over THREE whole times now. That happened over the course of two days, and I haven't seen her do it since. She is messing with mommy! She will get there, though. She is also sucking her thumb like it is going out of style. And...she is starting to more consistently sleep through the night. The night before last she slept for 8 hours. Last night? She slept for 10.5 hours straight. Are you kidding me??? I think she knows mommy is sick and is trying to do me a solid. I will take it! Peanut is getting closer to 11 pounds now, but the reflux still rears its ugly head just about every day. We have tried removing the rice cereal from her formula (due to gassiness)...but that did nothing for her. She still puked and still had gas...and she ate less. So, back to adding rice cereal! One day the reflux nightmare will be over. And one day I won't be sick. One day...

Enjoy the pictures!