Tuesday, October 04, 2011

To Parent a Toddler...

Oh, to parent a toddler is many things. Predictable unpredictability is the one consistency, I believe. Finnley never ceases to surprise me with her growth of knowledge or grasp of language. Or her abundance of creativity.

Pretty much every day while I take a shower, Finnley is left to self-entertain. I am not one of those parents who will lock their child in the bathroom with them (ours simply isn't big enough for that). I am also not one to gate her upstairs. Am I too trusting? Maybe...but, how else will Finnley learn to manage without mommy for a minutes? Most days she does amazingly well. She "reads", plays, terrorizes the dog, finds a snack for herself in the pantry, etc. Other days? Well, other days I am left with little traces of evidence of how she occupied her time.

Like the traces of evidence below.

Now, when confronted with that evidence...Finnley said, "I color, mommy!". She couldn't have been more proud. And, when I told her that we don't color on doors or furniture and that we needed to clean it up, she quickly (and logically) went to find her eraser to do the job. Thankfully it was just chalk this time. And, thankfully "mommy" is smart enough to keep the pens, crayons, and markers hidden. For now, anyway!