Sunday, June 17, 2012


A great big HAPPY Father's Day to the other "M". This sweet and patient man who spent 6 years with me on the journey to parenthood deserves to be recognized on this day: as a great husband, a wonderful father, and an all around stand-up man. We all love you and hope you have a great day. Mwah!


Your Adoring Family

Father's Day 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shoulder Rides

Dear Finnley,

Tomorrow is Father's Day, and I love being your dad.
I love it when you ride on my shoulders, which I consider to be the great metaphor of a dad supporting his daughter in life.
I love hearing your tiny little voice say "daddy" or "dad."
I love it when you wave to me out the front door when I head off to work.
I love to see your face light up when I bring home donuts on a Saturday morning.
I hate it when you fall, but I love it when you get right back up and try again.
I love how you ask so many questions about things at this age as you learn about this life you lead.
I love it when you count, when you sing, when you dance, and when you are being just a silly little girl.
I love it that we share popcorn together.
I love that I am able to provide an environment where you have your mommy to look after you when I am away at work.
I love it when you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself your're beautiful. I couldn't agree more.
I love hearing you laugh so hard you can barely get a sound out.

I am happy to be your dad on this and every Father's Day. And you know what? You can ride on my shoulders any day.

I love you,


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Apple at the Doctor

Hello all! This is Matt making a rare guest post. Why? Because while we were on vacation my wife was finally able to test the limits of computing memory, and she killed her computer. Well not exactly killed it, but she pushed it to the brink. As in it ran out of memory. Really. So our little Apple is at the doctor right now where they are giving it an enema and performing a colonoscopy on it in hopes of freeing up some space. Once we get it back, Megan will post about our amazing vacation we had with great friends and family. In the meantime, here are some random thoughts running through my head:

Daughters are the best!

My wife is a great mommy to our daughter.

Dogs are people, too. I get this. Before I had a dog I didn't understand when people would tell me their dog was a member of their family. I now understand. I have been a father to a dog for 8 years now. The bond between a dog and its family is extraordinarily strong. He loves his sister, he loves his mommy, and he and I are best buddies. Only dogs truly love you unconditionally.

I am proud I have never been accused of being a hypocrite.

Be open minded. Trying new things or understanding a different point of view is healthy.

Be your own person.

Protect your kids. Protect their identity. If you haven't done so yet, buy their name on twitter, Facebook, and on .com.

Have no regrets. Sure, you can be sorry for things and wish you had handled them differently, but have no regrets.

I am honest. Like in a Howard Stern sort of way. Which is to say if you don't want to hear my views on something, don't ask me what I am thinking.

The truth can hurt, but it's far healthier than skirting the issues and sweeping them under the rug. Only truth allows one to move forward.

BONUS to having only one child.....we will never be accused of playing favorites with our kids. One = favorite.

I will support my wife and daughter with whatever they need to live a full and enriching life.

Give back. Pay forward.


If you can say something to someone else about me, you should be able to say it to me. If you can't then you shouldn't say it.

I love waking up, bouncing out of bed, and starting my day! I can't wait to see what comes my way.

If you are voting in this year's election just because of a stance on gay marriage, then you have no clue about what record debt means for this country. Personally, I think everyone should be able to marry whomever they want. More importantly, I think the government should stay out of marriage altogether. I need our leader to get our finances in order. If not, I hope all the recently married gay people enjoy a healthy dose of austerity. You already share assets when you marry. Now you will be sharing your assets with the government and with poor people who don't deserve a dime of what you have worked for and saved. It will be bad. Very bad.

I am heartbroken that we don't live closer to family so Finnley could grow up with her awesome grandparents and cousins.

Megan will be here soon with a new post from her healthy computer. And I will be starting my own blog in the near future. Until then, feel free to leave any comments you wish. I can take it. ;-)