Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A pinch of autumn. A smidgeon of fall.

That is what we embraced the other day. It was sunny and warmish, but nowhere near muggy nor hot. The sky was blue. The clouds were a hazy streaky mess above. It was a near perfect day in my book. And there was no better way to spend it than with my little girl breathing in some seasonal moments with great gusto.

We skimmed the playground briefly. We rode the hay. We tripped happily among the twine-like vines at our feet. We kicked some dirt, just for good measure. We perused imperfectly awesome pumpkins and gourds among the mixed variety fields. We talked to towering flowers. We picnicked outdoors. And, we did it all with a smile and a bit of a skip in our steps.

These are the kinds of days that seep deeply into my memories...miniature treasures to revisit on a sleepy rainy afternoon. I am ever so thankful for them, and for my little girl who helps me to create these beautiful snapshots in time.