Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well, I am on the first roads to recovery after having surgery on my wrist last week. I finally had my uber-bulky cast taken off today, and I am now in a splint 24/7 until I have the sutures removed next week. Due to the fact that this cyst was the "largest ganglion cyst EVER" (scientifically diagnosed and so named by my hand surgeon), my incision was much larger than the last go-around. In order to "get a good look" and to be sure to remove all of the "goop" (verbatim, I swear), my doctor this time had to slice the entire width of the back of my wrist. Hence the bruising you see in the picture, and hence the extended time in a splint / bandage. "We" are hopeful that this will be my last surgery for this issue, as the doc mentioned that he "left a huge hole" in cutting everything out and that things "inside" were much "drier" this time. Ummm...ok! So, there you have it. Hoping to be back at typing more / doing more / taking pictures more / just more more more....SOON!