Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sweet Whispers...

A deep sip of glorious sunshine, hot and bright. A small taste of teasing warmth usually kept locked away for another season. Sweet whispers of brilliant days to come. Lovely and well beyond. Thursday. Our day.










When someone close to me (or even not so close to me) suffers a loss at any stage while trying to start or complete their family, I am always brought straight back to the pain that we felt on our own journey for the same cause. It is a deep and hollowing pain that only those who have experienced it directly can truly understand. I will never be naive enough to think that I know what others have gone through personally, but I can relate. On some level. In some way, no matter how small. I grieve for, with, and alongside all of my friends who have encountered heart break of an inexplicable kind, and today I share a song in response.

This song became an "anthem" for me during the many years we struggled to have our daughter, especially given all of the losses we had along the way. It always felt like a calming and understanding blanket in which to wrap up my pain, and it remains a favorite song of mine today. JBT's other music is amazing, too...but this one is just special. They have never recorded this song. It has only been played and captured live. Some pain is only meant to be shared in "private", and John Butler does that so well.

Here is "Spring":