Saturday, May 28, 2011


This post is from me, the hubby. The dad.

Growing up there was a sacred tradition during Memorial Day weekend, The 4th of July, and flag day. That tradition was decorating the yard with small American Flags. Evenly placed down the sidewalk.

I can hear my dad now. "Let's go put the flags out!" Typically that phrase was belted out early in the morning because many know my father is not one to sleep in. This routine took place every year. We never missed a year. Ever.

Well, this weekend I brought that tradition to our home in Jersey; Albeit a little later than when I used to have to do it because it turns out my daughter does enjoy sleeping in. When we retuned from the farmer's market, I asked Finnley if she wanted to help daddy put the flags out. I was met with a sweet little "yes" from my girl.

So off we went with the flags. At first she wanted to pull them out of the yard. But then she quickly got the hang of it. She had more fun running the flags around and watching them blow in the wind, but I think she gets the idea.

So I have a couple of messages:

To Finnley: Squirt (as I affectionately call her), we will be doing this twice a year for the next bazillion years, or until you are married with a family of your own.

To Dad: Thanks for starting so many meaningful traditions when I was growing up. I love being able to carry them on with your granddaughter. That not only includes "putting the flags out" but also making her peanut butter/mayo/fried egg & cheese sandwiches for breakfast. And cheering for the Buckeyes. And skiing (staring in 2012). And believing in Santa.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!