Sunday, May 09, 2010

For Megan

As Megan's husband, I get to be a guest writer on the blog every now and then. So today for Mother's Day I thought I would write a post for my wife.
I am proud of my wife. From the day I met her I could tell she had a sense of adventure, a positive spirit, and the will to never give up. What I didn't realize is that this all would be put to the test early as we discovered that the only path to motherhood for Megan would be trying various types of fertility treatments. Five years worth. Five years of poking, prodding, shots, injections, pills, tests, and me becoming intimate with a cup. Yep, fertility treatments have about as much romance as a Rocky movie. Or that TV show Ice Road Truckers.
Through all of this we had some initial positive tests, that sadly resulted in loss. We even got a couple of heartbeats along the way. Followed soon after by silence. Bone-crushing, heart-shattering silence. And disappointment. And emptiness. Megan? Well, she never gave up. Even when we were asked how long we would keep trying, we responded with an "I don't know" because we didn't know. We only knew we would keep trying, just one more time. Megan never gives up. Even when she should. Like when I am beating her in Monopoly.
And then we had success! Little Finnley arrived (early) last August 1st after Megan endured another test. Yep, Megan spent the 4th of July weekend in the hospital. She was released only to return days later where she spent 4 weeks until Finnley arrived. Talk about a test of strength. But through it all Megan did her best to keep a smile on her face. And that's just one reason I love her. Through continuous challenges she keeps a smile on her face and maintains a positive spirit.
We are blessed to have Finnley and we are thankful for the support of friends and family! I am blessed to have a wife that is willing to be at home to raise our daughter, giving her time and attention unselfishly to Finnley. And our dog Batman. I love my wife for all that she is and all that she does. I love Finnley for simply being. And I love my dog.
It's fun to reflect on our journey during this first Mother's Day for Megan. But we also raise a cheerful glass in honor of our friends who know the struggle of fertility treatments, but have yet to realize the joy. We admire your strength and courage. We think of you daily. And we share Finnley with all of you.