Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Chalk It Up!

Most of the day yesterday was clouded over and dampened with periods of rain. Late in the day, though, the clouds parted and the sun broke brilliantly through. In keeping with our desire to have fun outdoors, Finnley and I headed out before dinner to play with some sidewalk chalk. We drew circles, and triangles, and stars. We drew with red, green, blue, purple, yellow, and orange. We also drew whole bunches of random nothingness. I think that is Finnley's favorite.

And after all of that, mommy drew some special scenes and asked Finnley to pose. My growing-up-so-fast-big-little-girl complied with surprising gusto. She was not only willing to lay down where I asked her to, but she was HAPPY to do it. She is really starting to understand what mommy does with the camera, and that makes it easier to be creative on a whim. Oh the fun we had! I think I see a lot of more interesting photography in our future now that I have a willing and pliable model!

springfishy kissingballoon flight

Thanks for being such a good sport and an amazing little person, Finnley. Mommy sure does love you!

Spring Days

The weather is all over the map these days. Typical capricious springtime. So, we are all over the map these days, too. Our days all flex on the weather's plan, and we are ok with that. Some days call for indoor activities. Some days happily whisk us outside.

And, oh how we love the outside!

One of the last cool but sunny and beautiful days thrust us into first time lessons in blowing bubbles and cloud watching.


Finnley was (not so surprisingly) a natural at both. The girl is just in her element outside. That makes me happy. No one wants a kid who prefers to sit around on a couch all day. At least they shouldn't!


In addition to blowing the most grand rainbow-reflecting bubbles and witnessing the passing of several families of fluffy white clouds, Finnley took it upon herself to taste the grass, too. Hey, why not? It is there for the picking. She seemed to like it just fine, so who am I to argue?


My girl makes the most simple of new experiences seem like a monumental delight, so I really love days filled with "firsts". Good thing that there are so many of them still to come!