Sunday, September 23, 2012


In having a child and watching them grow, you are constantly in awe of all of the changes that you continue to witness on a daily basis. Some changes happen slowly. Others seem to happen overnight. The one inevitability, though, is that the changes will occur.

With all of the change comes the opportunity to also witness many "firsts". We are so lucky and blessed to be a part of these milestones, and I try to engrain each moment into my mind, heart and soul. With there being immeasurable amounts of these moments, though, it will be difficult to hold each little detail with me.

So, what else to do but take pictures! Lots and lots of pictures! These pictures will serve as reminders to us as parents of each step we have seen along the way. They will also serve as a history book of sorts for Finnley, so even when she won't specifically remember a special event, she will at least have access to it on film.

The latest "first" for us was Finnley starting preschool! (sigh). PRESCHOOL! No longer do we share a home with a baby or a toddler. No sir. We now share our space with a full blown big girl who goes to school.


I am happy to report that there were no tears on the first day. None for mommy (although my heartstrings were pulled a bit tight). None for Finnley. No protests, no fights, no whining, no breakdowns, no begging mommy not to leave. Nothing! A simple transition for a very brave girl. A proud moment for her parents.


So far, so good! Finnley is referred to as "quiet" by her teachers. I don't mind that one bit. She follows along and completes all of her tasks. She plays. She goes with the flow. I like that about her. Perhaps more of an observer than a leader. For now, anyway. This is just the beginning of who she will blossom into over time. I can't wait to see how it all unfolds!


Right now school is only 3 days a week for 2.5 hours each day. Baby steps...for each of us. A good way for us to ease into letting her go over the next few years. A good way for her to learn how to become more independent. Also, a good way to get a house clean, or run some errands, or workout, or do "whatever" with no interruptions!

It's all good. It's all really really really good.

So, onto the next chapter. Onto the next "first"...