Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ms. Fancy-Schmancy Pants

Still fancy...just taken to a new level. You see, it seems daily we are adding new skills around here. I have repeated clapping and waving games with Finnley for a couple of months now. I guess "my" hard work is finally paying off. Finn can now wave, albeit mostly randomly. And, once started, she always stops to turn her hand to her face and wave so she can stare at her awesome ability. She can also clap. CLAP, CLAP, CLAP! This happens at appropriate times (like when we are saying "yay, Finnley" or when she is listening to music), but it also happens sort of out of the blue. For example, she loves to clap while sitting in her high chair. For, I don't know...whatever reason. She just likes to, ok? What do I least she can now do these fun things. Way to go, baby!