Thursday, February 10, 2011


As in, "busy as".  That usually sums us up, and this week has been no different.  We have gone to Gymboree to play with friends.  We have met other friends to have juice and then gone on to check out a preschool program with them (yes, you read that right!).  We have headed into Camden to the Adventure Aquarium to visit the hippos and fishies.  Today we went to our first ever kiddy Valentine's Day party, and we followed up that fun with a trip to the doctor (just a stye in the left eye...nothing some antibiotic drops can't fix for Ms. Finn).  Tomorrow we will head to our usual Stroller Strides class.  Saturday?  Well, Saturday maybe we will find time to breathe!  Just kidding.  We usually manage that pretty well among all of the other things that we do.  We have a good routine going, and we usually have pretty interesting and amazing days.  Not too much else we could ask for than that!

Here is picture view of our week: