Thursday, January 14, 2010

McPouty Pants

I can pout if I want to!!!

This is what happens when "someone" doesn't sleep for 5 or 6 hours straight, which pretty much happens EVERY day at our house. This babe is just NOT a napper!!! Two or three cat naps of 15 minutes each. That is about what we have come to expect. I don't know how she does it!!!!

Fun with Food!

I try to explain to people (other moms at Gymboree, other moms I know in general, the pediatrician, etc.) that Finnley is a fussy eater. It isn't that she doesn't like food or her bottles, she just isn't that hungry or just isn't that into the whole process. She would rather spend the first part of her morning playing versus eating, even though she hasn't eaten in twelve hours. That is just her. She is a stinker, but she is so darn cute. So, for a "day in the life" of feeding Finnley, please check out her latest video. Can't help but love that girl!