Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shoulder Rides

Dear Finnley,

Tomorrow is Father's Day, and I love being your dad.
I love it when you ride on my shoulders, which I consider to be the great metaphor of a dad supporting his daughter in life.
I love hearing your tiny little voice say "daddy" or "dad."
I love it when you wave to me out the front door when I head off to work.
I love to see your face light up when I bring home donuts on a Saturday morning.
I hate it when you fall, but I love it when you get right back up and try again.
I love how you ask so many questions about things at this age as you learn about this life you lead.
I love it when you count, when you sing, when you dance, and when you are being just a silly little girl.
I love it that we share popcorn together.
I love that I am able to provide an environment where you have your mommy to look after you when I am away at work.
I love it when you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself your're beautiful. I couldn't agree more.
I love hearing you laugh so hard you can barely get a sound out.

I am happy to be your dad on this and every Father's Day. And you know what? You can ride on my shoulders any day.

I love you,