Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Oh the weather outside is....

I don't know. I guess the weather outside is crazy. This winter has not felt like winter much at all. I'm not complaining, really, but I must say that I miss the snow. I don't need a lot of it, but one or two really good dumpings would happily get me through. I love that feeling of being holed-up for a bit during the brunt of a storm, having a nice fire in the wood burning stove to keep us all cozy, and then going out to play in the freshly fallen snow with a silly dog and a beyond goofy toddler. Last year at this time we had approximately 39 inches of snow. And for this year? So far this year we have had 2.8 inches (and most of that was topped by freezing rain...but we didn't let that get in our way). See the difference? I am no rocket scientist, but I can tell that that is a lot of inches different. A sad whopping lot.


Our temperatures have averaged above normal. We have had a lot of rain. Now, I love myself a nice summer rain to break up a dry hot spell...but I do not care for the soaking depressing rains of spring, and that is more like what we have encountered this winter. So, I can only imagine that spring will feel like it has lasted FOREVER by the time summer casually rolls around. Oh well. At least it provides more time for indoor crafting, coloring, painting, cuddling, drumming, and what-not.


Every once in awhile a warm day is delivered to us without the seemingly usual accompanying rains, and we have taken full advantage. Hours spent outside scribbling with chalk on the driveway, playing with our good buddy "Mater", using our imaginations to "make eggs" out of rocks, milk, and a stirring stick spoon, throwing and chasing frisbees, and running around the backyard just for the sake of it. We all need those days, and we all need a taste of some fresh air from time to time.


So, despite the weather (or in some instances because of it), we have managed to keep up our as-always active schedule (including a stupendously fun black tie event for us big people). The busier we are, the faster the days go, and the happier the lot of us seems to be. "We" are just Type-A personalities. It just works.


In accordance with busyness and the not so random crazy things that we do...the other "M" and I are headed to the Super Bowl. The freaking SUPER BOWL! It is all a matter of luck. Specifically my husband's luck. I am, however, happy to partake and ride along on his magic carpet all the way to Indianapolis. We will be fine-dining, zip lining in the city, and wandering around the NFL experience all before heading to the big show on Sunday. Doesn't sound too hateful, if you ask me. Because we only have two tickets, Finnley will be heading to stay with her Mam-Maw and Pa-Pa during our once in a lifetime adventure. She will have several days filled with family love, including quality time with her aunt, uncle, and awesome bigger little boy cousins. I'm sure we will all have our own super stories to tell after this trip. We'll keep you posted once we return!