Sunday, August 22, 2010

Parents of the Year

I know this award exists in some fashion or another somewhere in this country. I am not sure what the voting process is like or how to get nominated, but if anyone we know catches wind of exactly how to do that...I am sure that we will be put up on that mighty pedestal and given our due soon enough.

No one could overlook us given all that we do for our child. We sacrifice. We comfort. We love. We provide.

We are SO good at being parents that we provide Finnley with HAND MADE toys like Mr. PillamaHead. Who goes the extra distance like that? Just look at that quality craftsmanship! I dare you to find thems peoples that provide better than us. Go ahead and try!

So, what exactly is Mr. PillamaHead you ask? Well, it is the toy and device of distraction lovingly crafted from the dog's once llama-headed friend whose mouth has been stuffed with an old pill bottle that has been carefully filled with old inedible pistachios.

And, why exactly was Mr. PillamaHead brought into this world? Well, because Finnley is HORRIBLE during diaper changes. She needs something to keep her entertained, or she will roll and "run" without a diaper or pants on. And, she won't come back. And, she will laugh the whole way. And, the tubes of Butt Paste just weren't registering anymore on Finnley's entertainment and successful distraction spectrum.

And, she LOVED that once-was-a-dog-toy. And, she LOVED that pill bottle with those noise-making-happily-shaking pills inside. is perfection. Right?

And, because I am a GOOD MOTHER....I disposed of the highly dangerous narcotics that once resided in that pill bottle. I am just that good! Pat me on the back if you see me and feel the pressing urge to do so. And, go ahead and sign us up for that parents of the year award thingy while you are at it. We deserve it! Seriously.