Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some Online Begging / A Little Online Love

It is HUMP DAY, HUMP DAY, HUMP DAY. And, that means we are yet another day into the month of September. And another day closer to the end of the Million Mile Run.

We are still trying to raise donations and bring awareness to the cause....The Million Mile Run and Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. There are 5 days left (six, if you are counting today. and, well...every day DOES count!) to help us reach our goal, so head on over to our team page and graciously donate on my behalf! Giving makes a person feel good. Go ahead, give it a try! I'm totally not lying!

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation / Team Scoot A Doot page / DONATE NOW!

Beyond all of that, today I am also getting a little love from some of my favorite (ok, totally my favorite) online friends! So, while you are still hanging out on your computer after making your much appreciated donations, head on over to Scoot A Doot to check out their blog and meet a few of the Million Mile Run team members (me, included!). The bloggers are all awesome (the ones I have met in person AND the ones I only know through cyber-world), and the Million Mile Team they inspired and helped put together is awesome, too! Check it out.

Scoot A Doot Blog

Happy Day! And, Happy Running!