Sunday, May 08, 2011

Because Cards are Void of Just the Right Words

Happy Mother's Day to my wife, Megan!  Seeing her as a mom for these past 21 months has given me more joy than anything else.  At her core I knew she always wanted to be a mom.  And what a mom she is!

I like watching Megan being a mom because when it comes to raising our daughter, Megan ensures that every day begins with a hug, is filled with joy, laughter, and fun in the middle, and ends with a hug and an "I love you."  Oh, and there are kisses sprinkled in there, too.  Because unlike dad, mommy isn't "icky" at this stage.

There is no sweeter sound then when our daughter says "MOMMY" at the top of her lungs with such excitement that you can just tell mommy is the best person in the world.  I never tire of hearing that.  I also never tire of seeing our daughter grab a book and plop herself on her mommies lap....or seeing her cuddle in with mommy to watch Tangled for the thousandth time.  A mom and her daughter.  Doing what Megan as always hoped for.

Megan is providing an environment for our daughter that I am so very grateful for.  Thankful for.  An environment of safety, learning, laughter, opportunity, fun, exploration, hugs, and love.  With just enough boundaries to make sure Finnley knows what's right and wrong, but not so many boundaries that Finnley can't be her own person...and sometimes learn the hard way.

Perhaps what I enjoy the most are the daily updates I receive when I am at the office.  Sure, it's nice to hear what new word Finnley is saying, or how well she did at swim or music class, or whatever fun activity Megan had for her that day.  But I like hearing this stuff mainly because I can sum it up in a few simple words.....Megan is being a mom today.  Her dream fulfilled.

I love you Megan.  Happy Mother's Day!  Thanks for being a great mommy to our daughter.

p.s.  On this day, my heart goes out to those women who have struggled with fertility and have yet to have their own wishes come true.  We never forget the struggles, the heartache, the hope.  We keep you in our thoughts and prayers each day, and we support you in every way.