Friday, December 17, 2010


The title sounds more interesting than it probably should.  I have been busy as usual, so I haven't done well with my commitment to update the blog regularly.  Today I am taking a bit of time out to do just that...since if I don't, Christmas will have come and gone before you see anything new here.  And, that just wouldn't be right!

So, what is new?

We took a trip to Washington DC to tour the White House as it is all decked out for Christmas.  It was beautiful, to say the least.  This trip involved our first ever stay in a single hotel room with the wee one.  That was "interesting".  Finnley was quite impressed, but she also knew how to work the system.  Given we were right next to her pack and play, she wouldn't sleep in it.  The only way she would sleep?  In between her mom and dad.  Uggh!  We all survived it, though, so that is good.

Finnley continues to build a relationship and bond with her "brother" Batman.  She loves that dog SO much, and it is so fun to watch them together.  The other morning while I was doing dishes in the kitchen I caught wind of some giggling coming from the front room.  When I walked in and peeked around the corner, I witnessed Finnley curled up in Batman's dog bed giving him hugs and letting him lick her hand.  Such love, and such tolerance.  It melts me every time.

We are closer to filing our application for Finnley to enroll in clown school.  The reason being?  The girl just continues to get taller and more lean, and her feet are growing like crazy!  Just ONE month ago, I bought all new shoes for our little girl.  After about a week of thinking that I had started to really have to jam Finnley's feet into her shoes, I decided to have her feet measured at Stride Rite.  And?  Her feet have grown a full size in about one month's time!  Gulp!  That means all new shoes AGAIN...and it means that we might have a blossoming clown in our family.

What else....what else...what else????

Our smart little toddler is now able to identify her nose, mouth, hair/head, and her belly.  She understands so many words and commands that I am constantly in awe.  Just the other day I realized that she understands both the words basement and laundry.  If I say one or the other?  She heads straight to the basement door and tries to open it.  In addition to my amazement of her verbal comprehension, I am also struck by her dexterity, her strength, and her overall command of fine motor skills.  There isn't much she won't try to do, so that helps her development, for sure.  We are blessed every day to be a witness to such constant growth and change.

Finnley and I have continued to take trips and be a part of many outings.  We both enjoy it.  We have been to the Adventure Aquarium, The Pop Shop, Barnes and Noble, The G Boys Plaza Winter Wonderland, Center City Macy's, The Hard Rock Cafe, The Pottery Barn Kids Christmas concert...and on and on.  I love that we get to explore things together, and I look forward to more outings come the new year.

Speaking of the new year...we probably won't be around much until then, as we are off to Chicago to celebrate Christmas with my family.  I think we all can't wait to see all of the many people who eagerly await us there.  So, in the interim before the calendar turns over again....Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all!  I look forward to sharing more of our family moments with you in 2011!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Tradition passed along...

Matt and I both grew up watching Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts gang.  We have watched every Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other random holiday program that was ever broadcast.  The music and characters are classic...timeless.  So, last night we decided to see what Finnley would do if we turned up our TV as Charlie and his friends hit the screen.

She fell right into place with her apparent mesmerization.  Good girl, Finnley.  You will fit in around here pretty nicely, I think!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Ham and Cheesy

Someone discovered how to play up to the camera.   She also discovered how to do it with such gusto that it could be considered over the top.  She doesn't get the nickname "Ham and Cheesy" for no reason, that is for sure.

Welcome to our breakfast this morning...

Friday, December 03, 2010


All of us have been taking in everything Christmasy that we can right now. Soaking it up, wrapping ourselves up in it, drinking it until we get our fill...isn't that what this season is all about?

At home we have been admiring our decorations and lights. We have lit fires in the wood burning stove to keep the chill out during the cold days and even cooler nights. Batman has basked in the luxury of his daddy's chair while laying on his own special blanket. Finnley has brought out the Christmas books to "read" and has played with about every decoration possible.

Out and about we have done shopping for friends and family. We have sought out holiday window displays. And, today we did the ultimate...we went to the Dickens Village and Santaland at Macy's in Center City Philadelphia. This trip allowed us to see a re-creation of a classic author's holiday visions, hear Julie Andrews narrate for an amazing Christmas-themed light show, and visit a real live Santa. This was Finnley's first ever encounter with the robust jolly man, and she reacted as one might expect...with fear and complete wonder. Ok, mostly fear. We ALL loved every second of it, and we followed up the perfect morning with an awesome lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.

 Special times like these make us all the more aware of how truly lucky we are to share our lives with such a spitfire of a little growing person. She makes each moment even more wondrous than we could have imagined, and we are so thankful today and every day.

So, we are going to just keep on enjoying...