Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Let the Games Begin!

So - here we are, officially kicking off the IVF journey. Today was our first day of shots. At least for now, all we have to do is one shot of Lupron in the mornings. The process goes something like this:
  • wash hands
  • take cap off of lupron vial, and clean top of vial with an alcohol wipe
  • take cap off of disposable needle
  • pull back on plunger to draw 20 units of air into syringe
  • push needle through top of lupron vial and inject the 20 units of air
  • tip vial upside down, and draw plunger back to get 20 units of liquid
  • tap on needle to get air bubbles to top, and prime needle if necessary to release air
  • pinch a bit of skin under the bellybutton, but still near it, and wipe with alcohol
  • jab needle all the way into the skin and inject all of liquid
  • remove needle and place in Sharps container
  • stare at each other in amazement that you actually have to do this

Doesn't it all sound very romantic? We like to cuddle afterwards...

Also, I started taking the baby / children's aspirin today. It is the chewable kind, and it tastes a bit like orange flavored rat poison. No wonder children don't like taking their medicine.