Tuesday, June 27, 2006

No Transfer For Us Today!!!!

This is fantastic news. We have officially been pushed off until Thursday for our embryo transfer. This means that at least the majority of our embryos are still dividing and progressing well, so we will be doing a five day blastocyst transfer. Given that we will be doing a five day transfer, we will only be putting two embryos back.

I haven't heard back from my nurse yet to find out how many of the embryos are still going strong, but I will update this post as soon as she calls!

Today is the first day since my egg retrieval that I am feeling almost human again. These last few days have been very difficult for me physically, but I am turning the corner. Now, my biggest complaint is that my backside aches all of the time. As soon as one side starts feeling better after receiving a PIO injection, it is time to get shot up on that side again. I am very willing to look at this as a happy problem to have if we end up pregnant in the end.

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Canella said...

Happy to hear the Fantastic News! Yea little embryos! Nice cell division!