Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Side of Me You Have Never Seen (that being the inside...)

Above is an ultrasound photo of my right ovary and left ovary. The darkened "ovals" are individual follicles. I have approximately 19 follicles in both ovaries combined, more follicles being in the left than in the right. The size of the larger follicles ranges from 13.6 mm to 16.6 mm. My estrogen level came back at 1783 today. Given that number, the RE is reducing my dosage of Gonal-F from 2 vials down to 1.5 vials. We are still on schedule for doing our trigger injection on Friday, which would mean that the egg retrieval would be performed on Sunday. In the interim, we will continue administering the lupron injections in the morning and the "stim cocktail" injections in the evening. I will go back to the RE's office in the morning for monitoring once again.

(please note: ultrasound photos pleasantly provided by Stephen J. Greenhouse, MD, FACOG of Shady Grove Fertility Reproductive Science Center)

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