Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just kidding...for now...

Ok - so, we will have a computer at least through Friday afternoon now. After that, our new home computer will be here around the 7th or so of February. We will be offline for a short period of time in between.

Getting to the point of the matter, my beta number came back yesterday at 5533. After the levels hit 1200 it takes between 72 and 96 hours for the numbers to double. Mine a little more than doubled in 72 hours, so that was good. My nurse said the rise in level was a good rise, and my number is a strong number.

My final beta test will be tomorrow morning. I will update the blog in the afternoon. I should be scheduled for my first ultrasound following tomorrow's beta results.

Thanks to all of our faithful supporters, lurkers, and fans!

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