Saturday, January 20, 2007


For anyone who is still checking the blog page religiously, or even sporadically, you get to know the unofficial results before anyone else. Hopefully you can tell what the tests above mean, but for those of you who means that I am pregnant. So, the total rollercoaster ride begins for Matt and I once again. I have had spotting and cramping for two days(both have all but ceased today), but more than likely this can be attributed to implantation (feel free to look up information on the web regarding this phenomenon). It is too early for it to mean much of anything else. Scary, still...but my nurse says not to worry about it. I have my OFFICIAL beta hCG test this coming Friday, January 26th. We will keep you all posted while we are on this terrifying ride for the third time. Keep thinking very happy thoughts for us!

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The Hards said...

Hi Guys! I've been checking in periodically at work, and I'm so happy I looked in this morning. We will continue to send positive thoughts and prayers your way. Miss yo guys. . .

The Hards