Monday, April 02, 2007

On the move!

Hi all! This is Megan's husband Matt that is posting today. Megan wanted me to report that she must return for one more blood test as her hormone levels were still above 30 as of this morning. She will return on Thursday for one final test.

Thursday also happens to be the day we are moving from Virginia to our new home in Parker, CO. I have spent the last two months there at my new job and recently closed on a home for us. We are now in a golf course community with access to the Cherry Creek bike path system, which means we can ride from our home in Parker, through Cherry Creek, and into downtown Denver!! It is really one of the best bike systems in the country. Our home has views of Pike's Peak from the loft area as well as front range views from the master bedroom. We welcome all visitors, so book your flight today.

Talk to you soon from the Mile High City!


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