Thursday, October 04, 2007

Appointment with Dr. Surrey at CCRM

So, we really didn't learn anything new. It was basically what we were expecting. Our best option (and the one Dr. Surrey is recommending) is IVF with genetic testing of embryos prior to putting them back. PGD costs about an additional $4000. They are also doing a study right now at CCRM on a new genetic testing procedure where they test all the embryo cells for all the most common abnormalities. This testing would take 3 to 4 weeks, so all the embryos would have to then be frozen for a later transfer. Because it is a study, it would only cost an additional $1000 (versus the $4000 for PGD). Sadly, they don't discount the cycle itself. You don't have to pay for a full FET cycle, but you still pay for the transfer. He would have us repeat a TON of testing (including FSH...which I JUST DID!), in addition to doing some new sperm tests. All in all, a cycle would cost us at least $20K. Hmmmm...doesn't sound so great to me! Dr. Surrey said even if all the embryos turned out to be bad and we couldn't do a transfer, at least we would have one answer.....yeah, for the low low cost of $20K. Not bad!

Dr. Surrey equated us doing an IUI cycle with gambling in Vegas. It COULD work, but the odds are certainly against us. Yes, but at $1500 a pop, it seems like a nicer bet to take! I think dh and I have decided to do an IUI through our carrier /doctor(Kaiser) in November. I am going to ask him about taking baby aspirin and steroids just as a precaution going into the cycle. If it doesn't hurt, why not?

Anyway, that is the state of the union. His only thought on the miscarriage issue is that it is just bad luck with chromosomal abnormalities of the embryos. Each cycle / batch is different, so we still have hope. No second thoughts on my endometriosis, except he doesn't recommend another surgery, which is good.

So, there ya have it!

More to come down the road, I am sure......

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Tanya said...

Wow that is a huge amount to gamble with a one time deal! 20K!!! Geeze. I think that I would at least try the IUI. Sounds like you had quite the appointment today. That is exciting that you are thinking about November though. Back on the wagon again eh girl? I certianly wish you tons of luck with this upcoming cycle.