Thursday, November 08, 2007

IUI - November 2007

The baseline ultrasound took place today. Perfect as usual. All is quiet on the uterine and ovarian front. I received all of my prescriptions today, and things kickoff tomorrow. I will start the clomid tomorrow (taken cycle days 5 through 9). Two pills once a of 100 mg each day (hot flashes, moodiness, and other side effects go along with this med). On cycle days 9 and 10 I will do one ampule of menopur (one subcutaneous shot each day in the belly). I go back one week from tomorrow for monitoring: bloodwork and u/s. Turns out that I will be doing a trigger shot, and unfortunately it will be an intramuscular injection (think huge needle / butt shot). Just one IM injection isn't too bad, though. we go. Wish we were more excited, but this time we are just sort of going through the motions because the IUI is our cheapest option. Stay tuned....riveting, I know!


scott/ said...

Good luck Megan, hope things go well for you, especially with sharp pointy objects involved ;)- Thought I would finally get 'round to reading the blog, Batman looks very patient. Disjunctured tonight will try to write something coherent later. Take care.


scott and petra conner

Megan said...

Thanks, Scott. No worries about sharp pointy objects...we are old pros at this point. And, Batman is somewhat patient....closer to the truth: he will do anything for treats! - Megan