Sunday, April 20, 2008

Here we go....again!

Here is a picture of our new house in Haddon Heights, NJ. Gorgeous 40 year old home with a BEAUTIFUL yard. Batman will be thrilled!

For those who don't know (which there can't be many), Matt has accepted a new position as a Regional Sales Manager for Subaru of America. He is overseeing the Mid-Atlantic region for the company, so he is based out of Westampton, NJ. He is in charge of a team of District Managers, and has responsibility for sales at 96 dealerships in the region. This is a big job, and a great challenge for Matt. So far, he is loving it.

We are still trying to sell our house in Parker, and we are hopeful that that will happen soon. I am staying back in CO until we have a contract on the house. During that time I continue to work at Great-West as a Corporate 401(k) Sales Assistant for the Southeast region. The job is fine, I have a great co-worker, and the money is a big help.

No other big news for the moment, except we will have fertility benefits again after the move. NJ is a "mandate" state, so we will actually have fertility benefits covered at 100%. Not sure how many IVF attempts that gets us, nor do I know if they cover PGD...but something is certainly better than nothing!

Wish us luck in selling the house and in yet another new adventure (this one appears to have lasting power)!!!!!


TaranTrav said...

I love the house! Congratulations on finding one. I hope you Colorado house sells soon so you can be with Matt again!


Jami said...

The house looks great! I'm sure Batman will be thrilled in his new back yard. I'm hoping that spring brings you a quick sell so you can be together with Matt again soon!

Tanya said...

Your house is lovely! I know that you guys are getting to be pros at the moving situation! I hope that you can sell your other house and fast. I hope that things are going well for you. I miss getting on the fertility page. Mine isnt working right now for some reason. I have been trying though and thinking about you and Tara.