Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hoops and Hurdles

Hoops and Hurdles is going to be our new "update" section. Anytime you see that will just be a brief update on another hoop jumped through or hurdle jumped over on our track to IVF.

Matt had his semen analysis, and we just received the results on Friday. His sperm concentration came back at 207 million. 187 million were motile (moving), which translates to 90% motility. This is read as a "normal" semen analysis...but we think it is better than normal...we think it is pretty great! Matt especially. He claims the state of NJ is going to hold a parade in his honor because his results were soooo good.

Matt and I will both be going for our required bloodwork on Monday.

Matt and I both have to start a required course of antibiotics (Z-Pak) on Wednesday. We only take the five day dose, and we are done.

I will be going into SJFC for all of my other testing on Friday: uterine measurement / trial transfer, cervical cultures, pelvic ultrasound, and sonohysterogram.

Results of all testing will be posted when as we receive them!

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