Monday, October 27, 2008

The Official M & M IVF Season Begins!

Well, we are finally here again. Time to start up the maniacal IVF process. It all begins today. Here is a timeline / overview of how things will go:
  • Monday, October 27: begin taking BCPs
  • Monday, November 10: appt. at SJFC for u/s. begin lupron shots once a day. bring all meds to appt. for instructions and shot demonstrations. (waiting on Aetna to call this week to finalize med order and have them delivered prior to this appt. but not during our trip to!)
  • Saturday, November 15: last BCP taken
  • Friday, November 21: u/s and b/w appt. first "monitoring" appt. start stims shots this evening, and continue with lupron shots.
  • Monday, November 24: beginning this day, monitoring appts. will be every to every other day to see how follicle growth and hormone levels are progressing.
  • Monday, December 1: ER (egg retrieval done under a light sedation / anesthesia) will be during this week. the date of ER is dependent upong monitoring and follicle progress. male partner provides "sample" at this time to be used for fertilization. crinone gel use is started for female partner the day after ER and is used to supplement progesterone production to help sustain a pregnancy IF one occurs.
  • Monday, December 8: ET (embryo transfer after fertilization and embryo development occurs) will be done around this time. it will occur 3, 4, or 5 days after ER (dependent upon how many eggs fertilize and how the embryos are progressing). ET is followed by 2 days of bedrest to help increase chances of implantation (sorry, but it is for the female partner only!)
  • 7 days after ER b/w is done to check progesterone levels (must be adequate to sustain a pg IF one occurs)
  • 14 days after ER b/w is done to check beta / HCG levels (official test for pregnancy)

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement during this process! We appreciate it, as always!

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