Sunday, October 26, 2008

World Series 2008 - Game 3

Well, it wasn't rained out...although it came awfully close! We arrived at the park close to 7pm and waited in the car until there was a break in the torrential downpours. At our first "break" we ran for the park and headed for cover. We passed the rain time drinking Coors Light under cover with 45,000 of our "closeset friends". Finally by 10pm the rains had stopped and the festivities and game got under way. Can you say late start?!?! Oh well, it was worth the wait just to be a part of that fan crazy Philly environment. What a sports town! (I say that as both a good and bad thing, as Matt and I were actually "booed" earlier in the day at Costco just for wearing Ohio State clothing.) The rains never came back, and the full game was played. The Phillies started strong with a couple of homers early in the game. That lead did not hold, though, and the Rays came back to tie up the game 4 - 4. In the bottom of the ninth, luckily, the Phillies scored an ugly run that won them the game. Nobody ever said winning had to be pretty! So, the Phillies currently lead the series 2 - 1. Game 4 is tonight, and we will be watching that one from the comfort of our living room.

Here is a link to the rest of our photos from the game:
World Series 2008, Game 3

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