Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Peeing in a Cup

Well, yesterday I received a call from the lab at the OB's office that my urine sample I gave last week showed bacteria in it. They requested that I come back in today to give another sample so that they can do a bacterial culture. I guess I better get used to peeing in a cup on a regular basis. Oh, the joy! I will find out late on Friday afternoon whether or not I have a UTI. I am hoping I don't, but if I do, it is no big deal.

On another note, Dr. Swift from the OB's office called right after I got home this morning. I sort of panicked, because why would one of the doctor's be calling me...unless something was wrong?!? Turns out I was worried for nothing. She was just calling to inform me that all of my bloodwork that they did last week came back fine. The only thing it red-flagged is that it showed I had RhoGAM in my system...but, since I had a shot of RhoGAM...that was only to be expected! All else was completely normal, so they will just see me back for my next routine visit on February 19th. Ok!

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Tanya said...

So glad to know that things are going good with you, you regular old OB patient you!!!Love the updates!