Monday, May 11, 2009

24 to 25 Week OB Appointment

Today was another routine OB appointment for me. It was all the standard stuff, and everything was great...per the usual. I will take that! My urine sample was normal. I gained 3 pounds this month, so I came in under the "alloted" amount. Yay, me! My uterus is measuring exactly as it should. And, the heartbeat was good and strong.

Actually, when the OB put the doppler on my belly to tune into it...Finnley kicked the doppler. Apparently she was very aware of the pressure on my uterus, and she wanted us to know that. The doc just laughed and said, "hey...all we are trying to do is get a good listen here!". It was cute.

On another note, I am suffering from some aches and pains that go along with pregnancy. I am carrying low, and Finnley has me "stretched out" as the OB put it. Both things are creating extra pressure down on my pubic bones, and it causes pain which mimics a groin pull. The majority of the pain is on the right side, although there is some on the left, too. I have issues lifting my right leg to get pants, lifting it to get it up on the couch or to cross my legs, moving it to roll over in bed at night or to get out of bed in general....lots of little issues. It is also painful when I walk, but it doesn't keep me immobile. I am still going to my yoga class once a week, and I plan to still keep up my walking and light weight lifting at the gym. The doc was fully supportive of that. I am doing no harm to my just hurts. To help alleviate some of the pressure, my OB recommended that I purchase a "maternity belt" to help support my lower back and to pull my uterus "up". We will see how that works out. Luckily for me, this unfortunate side effect of my pregnancy will only be "cured" with delivery. This should be a fun third trimester coming up!

On the physical side effect note, I also pulled my intercostal muscles (muscles / cartilage between the ribs). This is a result of being pregnant AND having had a nasty upper respiratory infection that included a cough that has lasted over 3 weeks. Now that the cough is starting to show signs of exiting, I am hoping my ribs get better, too. It is only the far upper ones on my right side that hurt...but they do hurt. Oh well. I am sure that my laundry list of physical complaints will only continue to grow as Finnley and my belly do. A small tradeoff for the end result that comes in August, to be sure!

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