Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Belly Shot Chronicles - 25 Weeks

Matt seems to think that my belly has gotten bigger just over the past two days...he certainly could be on to something with that thought! Included this week are a bare belly and a clothed belly shot for you to be able to judge for yourself.

On a side note, Finnley got to attend her second MLB game last night...Phillies v. Dodgers. It was a great game. I believe it was during the 7th inning stretch while singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" that Matt and I were rubbing my belly...and Finnley kicked. Matt actually got to feel SOMETHING for once! It will only get easier as time goes on now, but I thought that was pretty cool. It made us both smile. She impresses us pretty easily already!


The Marshalls said...

You're definitely bigger than your 24 week picture, but you are beautiful! And your belly button still refuses to budge.

M and M: said...

Kim - yep...the belly button has taken its stance...and that is that it continues to want to be an "innie". Kind of funny, if you ask me. I like my "flat spot". Adds character, right?? ; ) - Megan

Anonymous said...

LOVE THE BIG BELLY! Keep growing! We think our little niece may be a softball player since she had such activity at the baseball game!??! Maybe a tomboy?!??! We will hold off on the barbies for now! :)

love Scott/Renata & boys

M and M: said...

As I was a huge tomboy growing up, I will accept the same from my little girl. She can wear pink AND play with the boys! - Megan