Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby Shower and the Gas Station Cake

I'm back!

I successfully managed to fly my falling apart 31 week + pregnant body to and fro Chicago. No major issues. Lots of walking. Lots of stares. Lots of comments. Nothing detrimental. Not all bad!

It was really great to be "home" and see everyone that I haven't seen in a long time and have them at my shower. And, what about the shower? Well, I didn't receive a lot of items from my registries, so my lovely and I will be doing some shopping soon. Do not take this as a complaint, though, please...just as a simple statement...BECAUSE, we did receive a TON of great things, including a lot of clothing for Finnley. She will obviously need clothes, so those will come in handy. And, I will obviously be doing a lot of laundry in the coming weeks. We also received some very loving and thoughtful gifts: my christening blanket, my baby blanket, a baby album, a baby book, a handmade blanket, a handmade christening bonnet, two handmade christening gowns, and sooooo much more. Very special items for a very special little girl.

Oddly enough, I think the most interesting aspect of my party turned out to be the cake. I wanted cake. Basically mentioned that I must have it. My mom said that it would be there. And, was. She commented to me that my sister had suggested that they could go to Super Walmart (the ultimate shopping mecca of the middle of absolutely nowhere) and order the cake. My mom's thoughts? Nope. No thank you. Walmart is NOT good enough for MY little girl and her momentous baby shower. So, my mom's idea? Let's get the cake from the GAS STATION! Everyone knows great cakes are all imagined and brought to life at gas stations, right? Um...uh-huh! I wish I was kidding about this, but I am not. My cake came from the Donut Emporium, which is located inside the BP Amoco gas station in Plano, IL. Oh. My. God! Well, there is a first time for everything...and life is full of experience and experiments. I can add this one to my "done" list.

So, how was the cake? I am not sure that it was better than a Super Walmart cake. I am certain it was no worse. It had cakey qualities. It had filling. It had frosting. It was too sweet, which ALL bakery cakes seem to be. It was...well, cake.

My mom is certain to read this post and shake her head while doing so. She has heard me tell the story of my baby shower cake a hundred times now. Over the course of two short days. But, really, it just had to be in print. Who else will have such a tale to tell of their baby shower cake? And...the story, to me, will never get old.

Thanks for the shower, mom and Erin. And, thanks for my gas station cake.

The fat lady working the baby shower
The fat lady and her nephew Paxon
The fat lady and G-ma


Megan P said...

Registries just aren't fun for people I think...they would rather buy clothes!! Why buy crib sheets when this adorable DRESS is right here!?!?

Unfortunately we need crib sheets, nipple pads, and baby car mirrors. I wish we only needed cute outfits!!

M and M: said...

So true. I know that I would prefer to shop for the clothes, too...but you are right. We actually need some of those other non-fun things!!! ha!

tanyafagan said...

Love the gas station cake! That is the best!!!!

M and M: said...

Tanya - you just can't make stuff like that up...that's what families are good for! How else would we have anything interesting to say??? ; )