Friday, June 05, 2009

"Really Juicy" Couture

We are back from our babymoon on the East Coast and are now awaiting the arrival of my inlaws for the weekend. Maine was beautiful and peaceful...and our time there was probably too short. But, such is life in the fast lane. We managed to squeeze in an afternoon in Manhattan on our way back home to South Jersey. The weather held for us, so that was a pleasant surprise. We spent the day walking around 5th Avenue and Rockefeller Plaza, and we topped the day off by partaking in an amazing dinner at Bobby Flay's new venture: Bar Americain. Ohhhh, I am still swimming with thought over the luscious filet which was followed up by some dreamy toasted almond creme brulee. I give that place 4 stars, thankyouverymuch!

I am most pleased to announce after this trip, however, that, although Matt and I are very close to realizing our dream of becoming parents, our senses of humor and reeling use of sarcasm have not waned one iota. In fact, I fear that they have become worse...I know, is that even possible???

Since we apparently still live in junior high, we couldn't help ourselves from taking the above picture of my "lovely" while at Juicy Couture on 5th Avenue. I mean...when you pose a mannequin like that in plain really are just asking for it, aren't you? Sure, we could have been like all of the other banal people who just walked right on by so that they could eagerly peruse the highly overpriced merchandise on display...but what fun would that be? I think the Juicy mannequin enjoyed herself, and I know we certainly did. We will be giggling about that one for days!

Now, back to South Jersey...and back to reality. Whatever...

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