Friday, June 19, 2009

A Vomitous String of Thoughts

I have nothing big to say, but lots of little I thought I would just spew them out in bits. Here you go!

  • A scarily bright and shiny object appeared in the South Jersey sky this morning. I wasn't sure if I should fear this heady foreign blob or embrace it. I decided to just stare out the window and take in how it bounced off of the numerous puddles in the street. It didn't last long. Turns out there was nothing to fear. It disappeared so quickly. I wonder if I will ever see it again.

  • Little Miss Finnley had the hiccups this morning. At least I think she did. I had gotten up to pee at 5am (4th time since hitting the sheets last night), and when I layed back down, there was this persistent and consistent "thump" in my belly. It felt like a little kick but with not much behind it. And, it happened every 3 seconds or perfect rhythm...and lasted about 5 minutes. During that time she had two very funny episodes of spastic random activity. Interesting.

  • Outside of the apparent hiccup episode, Miss Finnely also did something else new and interesting. I think her movements are just becoming more constricted but more pronounced. It felt like someone had a rolling pin pushing and moving across my innards on the right hand side of my upper uterus. Then, all of a sudden...SUCKER PUNCH! It really was the strangest sensation. I just hope she is amusing herself in there.

  • I am again going to play "single" mom at my breastfeeding class this evening. My lovely is so stinkin' proud of himself for NOT going. I must take one for the team, though, and go. I really would like to learn something about my growing milk cache and how it can potentially be put to good use after the baby arrives. Any information will certainly arm me with more than I currently have, so it can't hurt, right?

  • Some people tell me that I am "nesting" because of the work that I have been doing in Finnley's nursery. Nesting? I don't know if I would call it that. I really would call it my already obsessive-compulsive need to organize EVERYTHING in my life and my house simply spilling over into another room of our dwelling. Things need a place. The open floor is not a good place, in my opinion. So, we now have canvas boxes and bins and storage thingys-galore. Hooray! It was a necessity given my upcoming baby shower in Chicago next weekend. There will now be a GOOD place to put things when I somehow manage to get them home.

  • Lastly, I am just gearing up for Father's Day weekend. My lovely and I will be in the VIP box at the Jimmy Buffett concert on Saturday night...very fun! My lovely might also be attending the US Open on Saturday morning / afternoon. Too long of a drive for me given that the chance of rain is 50 to 70% the ENTIRE day. I will pass and stay home for that. Who knows what Sunday will bring. Lots to be thankful for this Father's Day, though. I know that much for sure.

  • So, that is my diatribe for the day.

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