Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hospital Baby Shower...the only way to roll

For a person who never does anything the easy way or the normal way...what better place to have their baby shower than in the hospital? I mean, really? That is just how I roll!

It was a fantastic afternoon, as I was "sprung free" from my now private single room prison and was let loose in the conference room in the hospital basement. Well, if you can call being "let loose" sitting mostly still in a parked wheelchair at the head of a gigantic oval shaped table for just over two hours. At this point, I do.

It was a small gathering of some close neighbors and friends, and it couldn't have been any better. I got to see people. I got to converse with people. I got to have semi-normal clothing on. I wasn't in a bed. Ahhhhhh! In addition, I got to see my husband for more than fifteen minutes or a half hour at a time...and I got to see him "relax" a bit and just be himself with friends. This whole situation has not been easy on him, and I was happy to see him smile, laugh, and enjoy the room full of company. I am sure it felt good to him. (Or maybe it was the liquor that he smuggled into the hospital that made him feel good...does it matter?) Did I mention how cute he looked today? Well, there was that, too.

The cake was adorable. The gifts were plentiful and beyond generous. The company was outstanding. I really couldn't have asked for more.

So, thank you again to all the friends who were willing to travel to the dreary hospital to spend the better part of an afternoon with us. Thank you for your time and for your generosity. We more than appreciate it.

Now let's get this baby show on the road! I am ready!


Megan P said...

Looks like some much needed FUN in your day!!! MMmmm I miss vodka. Hang in there!!!

M and M: said...

It was a nice reprieve, to say the least. Too short-lived, though. Vodka in the summer, mmmmm....indeed! I miss red wine the most, I think! Hanging in there the best I can. Tired of the hospital, but I can't really do much about that! Thanks for "stopping by"!