Thursday, August 06, 2009

To Tide you over...

I am finally home from the hospital!!! After three weeks of living there. And, we brought our miracle home. I am, however, still recovering and cannot spend much time up and about...or doing anything really. So, a post about labor / C-sections / being a new parent will have to wait. All I can say is even though I am in pain...we are IN LOVE! Here our some pictures of our precious little girl to tide you over until the next post.

Thanks to all for the congratulations and kind comments!


Anonymous said...

So sweet. She looks so tiny in that carseat!

Adrienne said...

she is so precious! Hope you are feeling better soon.
Those c-section suck! You are doing good though by resting as much as you can.


M and M: said...

Umm...yeah...C-sections DO SUCK! Oh my. Not much else you can say Rest is my friend, but sleep is non-existent at this point. I am a feeding station, and that is about it! Such is the life of a new breastfeeding mommy, eh?

And..she IS so tiny in the carseat. Poor peanut!

Megan P said...


The Marshalls said...

Congrats on such a precious little bundle of joy! So glad that you are able to recover at home and able to enjoy parenthood.

Sarah @ said...

a) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL! =) (But you already knew that, didn't you?)

b) Sorry that I am so far behind the times. I keep stopping by and the minute I click to comment, a certain small dictator screams. Lol.

c) Did I mention that she's beautiful? I am so excited for you!

d) Per your most recent comment: I still haven't driven either. I thought I would today, but...nah. Around 12 days postpartum, I got it into my head that I wanted to go for a longer walk than the 1/4 mile to my folks. We went a full mile. It took me a week to recover from THAT. So I am now a very strong believer in not pushing anything. Having not had a c-section myself, I cannot even imagine how much more recovery is involved. All I can say about that is: hang in there. You're twice the woman I am for dealing with it so well already.

e) I am a feeding station too. Moooooooooo.

f) I think I already said this, but she's precious. ENJOY! =)

M and M: said...

Sarah - thanks for stopping by and for the comments! The blog is way overdue for an update, but I just can't muster the time / energy to do it at the moment. Soon. Vert ysoon.

We think she is beautiful, but we are biased parents. Such is the rule of being a parent, I guess!

Sometimes I feel like I am handling it all really well. Other times I feel like...can I really do all of this? You know...recover / breastfeed / know how to care for my little girl. But, I take it all moment to moment and just deal. Not much else you can do, right?

As far as C-section recovery blows. But, 4 to 6 weeks of recovery for a lifetime of love seems like a pretty good trade. I will remind myself of that when I have a teenage daughter on my hands!