Friday, September 11, 2009


And, by "they" I mean "we".
And, by "crazy" I mean "certifiable".

And the answer?

The answer is YES!!!

Why, you ask?

Because this weekend we will be loading up our six week old refluxy baby and driving to Ocean City, MD. And we will be spending the whole weekend there. With our refluxy baby. For a work related reward trip for Matt's employees / dealers. The whole freakin' weekend. Did I mention the part about the refluxy baby? And her being six weeks old?

Oh, ok. Guess I did.

Check back sometime next week to see if we all survived.

And...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, HONEY!!! Six years down and probably a couple more for us in store! If we can survive our refluxy baby, that is!

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Rachel said...

You are crazy, but you can't stop living because you have a cranky baby. The kids and I joined Josh last year for this same trip- we drove 5-6 hours into the Mountains and 4 month old Lila SCREAMED the entire trip. She then threw-up all over the place and had explosive diarhea all over herself and the carseat. We finally pulled up to the resort and I looked for the closest mountain to jump off of.

So the good news for you- you only have a 3-4 hour drive and 1 CAN do it! Just bring lots of extra clothes, baby wipes and some ear plugs! The kids and I are staying home for this one as Jack has his first peewee soccer game tomorrow and starts preschool at 9am on Monday...otherwise we would have looked forward to hanging with you and Finn!

Have fun and happy anniversary!