Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Night without our Peanut

This is the hubby writing a post for once. Last night was our first night out on the town without our little Finnley. We knew, leaving her for the first time would be hard, but she was in good hands with our niece Maggie, who is a sophomore at Villanova. Finnley seemed to enjoy the night with her cousin because the entire night was without incident....thank goodness. She kept her meals down and was a good little girl for Maggie. As a parent, the most comforting thing was texting my niece to tell her we would be home after the encore and her texting back to say "take your time, everything is fine." As every day passes, we are one day closer to the reflux diminishing and Finnley being happy and healthy. We can't wait for that day!

On a side note, it had been since early July when my wife and I last had a date. Last night was a welcome reprieve that involved the Dave Matthews Band concert with great friends of ours, Jen & Troy. We loved our date night at the concert as it helped us realize that we can and will continue to enjoy all life has to offer us as a couple, sometimes with Finnley and sometimes without her.

Thank you Maggie for being a great cousin/niece and babysitter!

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