Monday, September 14, 2009

Look at Me!

Mommy and daddy almost had a total breakdown on Saturday night due to my refluxy and colicky behavior. Apparently they don't like it when I am in pain, am miserable, am screaming and hollering and crying and carrying on. Apparently. Because daddy sent mommy out to CVS at 8:30pm on their anniversary to buy the hypoallergenic formula to try. Happy Anniversary mommy!

My new formula smells bad. I don't really care, though. It makes me poop better. I don't cry when I poop now. Not really, anyway. Not like I did before where I would scream all day leading up to that fine moment...and then get beet red in the face while I strained to get it all out.

And, I don't scream as much during or after feedings. I don't arch as much. I guess maybe I don't hurt so bad? I don't know. Mommy thinks maybe that is it.

I still spit up. I still have bad moments. I still get refluxy and colicky. A lot.

BUT...LOOK AT ME...I actually have some moments where I am awake and not screaming...even when the pacifier isn't being held in my sweet little mouth. Can you believe it? LOOK AT ME!

Mommy says that she hopes that we get to have more moments like these and less of the moments where I am unhappy pretty much non-stop. Mommy is kind of nice like that.

One day, day.

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