Wednesday, December 16, 2009


What is newsworthy in our lives these days? Well, not a ton...but enough! Finnley has started to giggle more often when NOT being tickled. This is huge. She giggles when you play a clapping game with her, and when you fly her up in the air, and when you eat her feet...lots of things. You never know when you might get her going. She has also started eating solid foods! Not a lot at a time...but it is a start. So far we have tried rice cereal, oatmeal, bananas, and sweet potatoes. Her favorite so far? Sweet potatoes...must be daddy's daughter! Lord knows mommy HATES those things! Blah! But, the baby version sort of smells like pumpkin I don't mind serving them up so much. We have gotten rid of the incline wedge and Guardian Sleeper in Finn's crib. She now sleeps bundled up in her Sleep Sack, and that is it. And? Each night she manages to somehow spin herself in a half circle so she winds up facing the opposite direction in the Not sure. She has her secrets, I guess. Lastly, Peanut is practicing sitting up like a big girl...all by herself! She has the "tripod" down. Mommy sits close by to catch her when she weebles, wobbles, and then falls down...but she can last up to a minute or longer sometimes! Such a strong wee one! I am sure that there will be a lot more to update in the near future...and forever as we watch her grow and develop. Each new step is such fun and is such a joy!

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