Sunday, December 20, 2009

SnowDog 2009

Batman and Daddy playing snow-frisbee in a local field...Batman LOVED every second of it!!!


The Love's said...

Just dropped in after seeing your comment on KM's facebook. I am a blogger too but your daughter's name caught my eye! I LOVE IT! HAHA!
I have a Finley Elisa. :) Your blog is great and your journey was looooong, but it looks as though it has paid off.
If you are wondering why I have new resolution is to stop stalking without commenting, so there you go.
Enjoy your first Christmas as a a family of 3!

M and M: said...

Thanks for stopping by AND for commenting...lurkers are here all the time, but it is always nice to hear from people! Yes, our journey was long and hard but it did pay off in the end. I am sitting her with my little Finnley right now, and she is a miracle. Great name, huh? We loved it! How great that you have a Finley, too! Enjoy the holidays! - Megan