Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It had to happen at some point...and other ramblings

I suppose it had to happen at some point. She couldn't be "healthy" forever, you know...minus the reflux issues that she has already had since she was a week old. Finnley is sick. (INSERT BIG SAD SIGH HERE!) How did I know? Well, she has had a "cold" for about two weeks now. She hasn't even realized it, so I thought nothing. I wasn't going to be one of those overreactive first time moms who calls the pediatrician every time the baby sneezes. And, so I wasn't. And it was fine. Until yesterday when MY baby...the sweet smiley independent playing baby turned fussy. REALLY FUSSY. I was convinced she was teething because she was gnawing on everything. And has been. For awhile now. So, I rubbed baby Orajel on her gums. She feel asleep after crying / screaming for about three hours. And then the mailman delivered the mail, and the dog barked, and the baby woke up. And. Started. Screaming. AGAIN! So, I gave her baby Tylenol. Thank the heavens, holy Lord Jesus, and everything in between...she slept! For two hours. Which she never does! And then last night she woke up crying at 11pm. She has slept consistenly through the night for at least a month and a half now. So...not like my little Peanut. Not like her at all. I caressed her. I changed her diaper. I cuddled her a bit. I put her back down and turned on her sound machine. She fell asleep.

And this morning she was FUSSY. Not horrible, but just not herself. And? She started tugging on her left ear. A lot. So, I took her temp thinking...huh...maybe this isn't teething. Temp was 99. So, this non-overreacting first time mom called the pedi's office, and they brought us in. And? Peanut has an EAR INFECTION! Yikes! My poor little baby! Let the antibiotics begin. And, I have been warned that the meds can cause horrible diarrhea. So, now I wait for my happy baby to return as I also wait for the antibiotic induced bombs to explode in the diaper below. I will take that tradeoff, but I am not sure how Peanut will feel about it.

Other ramblings:
Finnley is rolling over all the time now. From her back to her belly. Good girl! She is smiling and giggling and squealing. So fun! She is pulling her legs up underneath herself in an attempt to move forward. Crawling here we come...soon...God help us! She is obviously gifted because the nurse told us today that most babies cannot localize pain (tug on an ear when it hurts, for example) generally until they are about eight months old. Genius. My baby is a GENIUS! Finn is now 5 months old, and she weighs a whopping 12 lbs 15.3 oz. Fun-sized! She is such a joy that I cannot even explain it...she does something new every day. It is amazing. I love that little girl. A lot. And so does her dad. A lot. And so does the dog. Not a lot. But, he does think it is cool that she is eating solid foods and he can lick off the leftovers from her face. She ain't half bad! Oh yeah...we started solid foods. We don't eat a ton. But, we do have rice cereal twice a day along with a fruit or vegetable. So far we have tried: bananas, sweet potatoes, pears, squash, applesauce, green beans, peaches, and carrots...tomorrow is sweet peas, and then we start all over again. What have we learned? Green beans are gross. Carrots are yummy (blah), but they also STAIN EVERYTHING.

The videos in this post were shot today. I apologize for the poor quality, but I was using the digital camera and not the video recorder. I also apologize for my performance...but a mom has to do what a mom has to do to get a good video. The Peanut performed even with an ear infection. She is such a trouper. Did I mention that I love that little girl? A lot? Oh, ok...

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