Friday, January 29, 2010


Yep, this post is all about me. Mommy-lady. Why? Because sometimes, as I have discovered, you have to take time out for just you. Even if it is to remind yourself that there is a "you" and not just a "we" or an "us". Don't get me wrong, I love all of the roles that I play...but each of us are all a bit narcissitic at times, aren't we? So, today is my turn. It is my day!

What about me? Well, I have figured out that if I want time to do things...I need to make it. And to make that time, I have started getting up earlier in the mornings. If I do this, before Peanut awakes, I can carve out a space where I can work out (Wii Fit or a run with the dog), wash bottles, play on the computer, eat a bowl of cereal, hang out with the dog, talk to my husband, take an uninterrupted shower...whatever. Now, I can't usually do ALL of these things...but I can do at least some of these things, certainly. I enjoy this little blip of time just for me. This time where I am not running around like a crazy person just trying to entertain a wee one and a dog. It is my "aaaahhhh" time.

In the evenings I have my "me time" by imbibing in a glass or two of red wine. Now, am I alone when I do this? No. Does that really matter? No. Just having that wine lets me unwind and feel like I can still do the things I used to do. I am not an entirely different person these days. I am just a different version of the old me. I am a mommy version. I am beginning to figure out what that is and what that means. I think I kind of like this new me. Then again, I have always been a pretty big fan of myself, so that is no surprise!

Tonight I am carving out more space, but the space is not just for me. It is for "we". The couple "we". My lovely is taking me out for a night on the town. We have a babysitter (thanks, Cate!), and we will be leaving the Peanut for a few hours while we attend the black tie preview for the Philly Auto Show. So, not only will we be out and about...we will also be dressed up. Like real people. Like real fancy people. Cinderella and her Prince Charming will be attending the ball, folks.

We will be sure to come home before our carriage turns into a pumpkin, though. Mostly because even though we are still a "me" and a "we"..."we" are also now an "us"...and therefore need to get back to that little one who will hopefully be sound asleep in her crib when "we" return.

So, enough about me. And we. Time to return to us. My time is up. Peanut needs me. Because I am mommy-lady, afterall.

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