Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Sweet Big Little Baby Girl

Finnley LOVES, LOVES, LOVES standing up on a pillow on the couch and holding onto the big back cushions. She is such an active little girl, and this activity allows her to "stand", be free, bounce, dance, and look out the window at the big world outside. She does this every day. It never seems to get old. So, I will oblige my little Peanut. Whatever she wants is hers! (well, except for a pony...we just don't have the space for a pony)

Finnley has graduated up to 2nd know...from those grandiose 1st Foods. There really isn't a difference in texture or consistency, but there are a heck of a lot more flavors / choices available. She has decided that Gerber Yogurt Blends are AWESOME! The mouth just keeps opening in anticipation before I can even get the next bite ready. Wow! So, I decided to start adding some of the yogurt to her formula...and you know what? She is eating better! She is eating more! Our tiny babe could use that, so we are all in for the moment. Gerber baby yogurt, we love you!

Our little evil visitor seems to be here to stay...that lurking tooth broke through the surface of the gum, and it is now trying to become a full-blown member of Peanut's mouth. Daddy thinks it is sort of creepy. Daddy also thinks it is too soon for his little baby girl to be getting a tooth. Not much to be done about it, though!

One week away from being six months old. So hard to believe. So hard to believe. Wait, did I already say that? Well, it hard to believe.

note from the editor: as of today, Monday, January 25th...our big little baby girl now has TWO bottom teeth sticking through the gum. Yes, TWO!!! Oh my!!!

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