Sunday, January 31, 2010

Signs that you could be a bad mom...

They are out there everywhere. And, if you don't see the signs...then other people will tell you what the signs are. Or, if they don't tell you what the signs are, then they might just subtlly imply what all the dangers lurking in the world for your child could possibly be. That you aren't aware of. And, by missing those signs, well, you probably already ARE a bad mom. Well, I don't mind. I already know. Really, I do. The pictures below are obviously a huge sign. Do I always pay attention? Nope...sometimes I am blind to it all. Because Finnley is having fun. And, I don't want to take away the fun!!! Taking away the, that WOULD make me a bad mom. So, could I be a bad mom just for letting her play with suffocatingly viscious plastic diaper bags? Maybe. Does Finnley think I am a bad mom? Nope...not at all. She thinks I am awesome! Love that girl!

(And, just in case you are feeling comment-snarky or worried or intrusive or...well, whatever...and are wanting to add your two cents...DON'T, BECAUSE...NO, I DO NOT LET HER PLAY WITH PLASTIC BAGS UNSUPERVISED! Hell, she hasn't even had a sip of outrageously polluted, contaminated, and disease-ridden water from a garden hose yet. All is good. Just trust me on this one!)

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