Tuesday, February 09, 2010

6 Month Checkup...Still a Genius!

Or so we say! And we matter. So what we say is really important. Just trust me! Or at least humor me.

Finnley finally had her six month well-child visit at the pediatrician's office this morning. The doctor was very impressed with her. Nothing makes a mommy and daddy more proud! OK, so we don't really need the doctor to be impressed for us to be proud...since we are impressed all on our own...but it IS nice. Having someone with "authority" back up your overly biased opinion is sweet!

According to the doc's "standards" Finnley is now an "unsupported sitter". She can hold herself up for long periods of time all on her own. Doc said that most babies do that around 7 months or later. Finnley is doing it at six months. Go, Finnley! The other "impressive" things that Finnley does / can do: getting into a full-on crawl position and rocking back and forth, standing and bouncing with assistance, rolling in both directions with ease, eating 2nd stage solid foods and feeding them to herself (sort of...it is a messy process...very messy), tracking everything, grabbing her feet and eating them (this is a skill, really), babbling, blowing rasberries, and so much more. The doc said that the earliest she has seen a baby crawl is seven months, and she thinks that Finnley is going to be right in that group...crawling early. Did I say how proud we are??? I did??? Oh...moving on then...

In addition, Finnley is still striving to be a supermodel...and she is doing a damn fine job of it! Long and lean. She is up two pounds since her last visit, putting her at 13 lbs and 10 oz. That is the 10th percentile. Lean. She is also now 26.5 inches from her fuzzy head down to her sweet little piggies. That is the 75th percentile. Long. She definitely doesn't take after her mommy who has always veen self-described as "squatty". Maybe daddy used to be a supermodel?!? Maybe! We all have our secrets, afterall!

What else? Shots. Three shots. Three stupid shots. Three stupid shots taken like a champ. Because not only is my baby a genius and a supermodel...she is also a rockstar!

As of now, we are to have Peanut eating three solid meals a day! Wow! In addition to her bottles of "the good stuff", of course. Meals are certainly more complicated now. We can also start offering Finn little pieces of over-ripe bananas to finger feed to herself. Tried it today! I actually had to feed them to her, but she did eat them. We can also let her taste things off of our plates if she is interested (things that do not pose a choking hazard, that is). My little babe is becoming such a big girl!

We don't go back to the pediatrician's office for our next well-child visit for another THREE months! Crazy! By that point Finnley should be well on her way to becoming the extrememly independent little princess that she obviously wants to be. Wish us luck as we get closer to having a mobile babe in house! Lord help us these next few months as that happens!


Adrienne said...

Congrats Finn! Mom and dad are doing a great job over there! Megs - I love her outfit and seriously she can't get any cuter!


M and M: said...

Thanks, Adrienne! The outfit was a gift, and we LOVE IT! Hanna Andersson...check them out online! And, we think she is pretty darn cute...but thanks for saying so, too!