Thursday, March 04, 2010


This blog has a new look. I thought I would point it out in case you hadn't noticed. And, if you hadn't noticed, then this is probably your first visit to this blog...and, well, SHAME on YOU!

Why the new look?

Because I miss over-alcoholified margaritas with salt dripping down the rim, good Mexican food, and splendiforous mountain views out my window.

Ok, so that isn't really the reason for the change. The above explanation sure sounded a hell of a lot better than "just because". Sadly, though, "just because" really is the true reason behind the new visual digs.

Don't get me wrong. I do miss those things. The East coast is not good for any of the aforementioned items. I guess it can't be good for everything, though! That is what vacations are for, right?

Did I digress? Hmmm...oh well. Enjoy the new look. And if you don't like it or aren't enjoying it, feel free to tell me. I won't do anything about it, but I do both appreciate and love honesty!

Thanks for visiting.


woowoo110 said...

Like the new look. Kind of weird reading it with the black background and the white letters. But maybe it's because I'm old and probably need readers. lol

Thought I would comment even though "you won't do anything about it". lol

Love the pictures of Finnley. She is so stinking cute!

M and M: said...

Thanks for stopping by, Karen. I know...a bit strange reading with white on black, BUT, the pictures show up really well against a black background!

I would tell you to click on the badge and donate to Marie's March of Dime walk....but you have already donated. Way to go!

And, thanks....Finn is pretty cute. No denying that!